In Caravans

Energy-fueled psychedelic indie rock with mystique and intensity

New single'Real Emotion'

We've just released yet another single on the 5th of June 2020. 'Real Emotions' is about being under pressure from everyone around you, constantly being told what to think, feel and how to act. Rumination and regret are things that unite us all. The track is released with funding from Koda Kultur.

'Sideways' is out!

Our single 'Sideways' is out! We're so stoked about this track as it marks a new turn for us.
Ominous lyrics combine with a danceable groove to form this track. The track is released with funding from Koda Kultur.

A road trip with broken brakes

A concert with In Caravans is like a 200 MPH road trip through the desert in a truck without brakes, passing through eerie and mysterious sceneries. Atmospheric, yet straight to the point, In Caravans alternates between fleeting emotion and no-nonsense indie rock.

Love, solitude and anxiety

Love, addiction, loneliness, stress and friendship - those are the themes of In Caravans' music. Though at times mysterious and hard to decipher, the lyrics often describe the hardest emotions like jealousy and insecurity with a unique clarity.

Explore the music

In Caravans is out on all major streaming services - and some smaller ones as well! We also have a music video available. (and there's a new single coming out soon!)

The music of In Caravans is driven by lead singer Magnus Barslund's ability to express those tough to describe thoughts and emotions that we can all relate to. He does this using straight up pop melodies, fooling you to forget that you were just lost in deep thought. Funky bass lines and captivating guitar hooks compel you to move your feet while the vocals keep you focused on the struggles of navigating this dystopic world.

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Get to know us

In Caravans consists of 5 people:

  • Magnus Barslund (vocals)
  • Lasse Herold Krarup (drums)
  • Søren Larsen (guitar)
  • Sebastian Gall Hede Krogh (bass)
  • Niels Langeland (guitar & synths)

We started out in an office building in western Aarhus. Since then we have moved to a rehearsal room, where the outside light bulbs don't get stolen, and we don't have to carry Søren's guitar amp (which is the heaviest object known to man) up 3 flights of stairs.

You can read the story behind In Caravans, how we met and what inspires us. You can also reach us through email or social media.

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We are In Caravans

...but we wouldn't have come very far without help from our amazing friends. Most of our photos, for example, are taken by @madsterix. Our good friend Rasmus Bredvig of Tapetown Studios did our first EP, and our other good friend Anders Eske is doing our new stuff. Be sure to check them out as well if you enjoy the stuff they have helped us with!