Information about In Caravans

The Music

The rough psych-rock elements that characterize the sound, are presented in a blanket of melodic, synthesizer-sounding bass, dreaming soundscapes and creativity. With the catchiness of pop, and aggressiveness of rock, the guitars, and the shifting vocals, draw you into a world of mystery.

The lyrics are ambiguous and often two-sided, leaving you to decide how your world should be like. Often wrapped up in groovyness, the music is suitable for those new to neo-psychedelia alike, with fleeting emotions, reflection and life, thematically presented.

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The Band

In Caravans was formed in 2017 by drummer Lasse Herold Krarup and guitarist Søren Larsen, with a dream of making a modern psychedelic rock band. Bassist Sebastian was promptly given the opportunity to join this new indie-endeavor. The choice of lead singer Magnus would later come to define the expression of In Caravans. The music would be conveyed with the characteristics of his ever-shifting nature.

The first task consisted of acquiring not only a synthethizer, but someone who could play it well. Niels was the last to join, and brought with him his capabilities as a guitarist, as well as a 12 year old Micro Korg covered in duct tape and labels. The name In Caravans was originally a tribute to the shared love of going off-route, amongst the members. Their music aspired to promote ideas, thoughts and sentiments that would acknowledge the value of here-and-now moments.

With five completely different lives and interests, they all found common ground in these ideas. They would come to agree that whatever your life consisted of, what your opinions were and however high you would rank in society, there was always the opportunity of living in the moment, letting go of it all. And how better to do it, than with 4 of your best friends in a caravan, somewhere off-route.

Left to right: Magnus Barslund (vocals)Lasse Herold Krarup (drums)Søren Larsen (guitar)Sebastian Gall Hede Krogh (bass)Niels Langeland (guitar & synths)